Register as Kaihaka

  1. Kaihaka Registration - Ngā Uri Whaioranga
  2. Kaihaka Registration - Te Whare Haka o Nārama - Regionals 2026

Registering for our current campaign requires the following, at a minimum......

  • Commitment & a positive attitude
  • Attendance at practices, noho & wananga
  • Participation and support of fundraising campaigns
  • An ability and willingness to financially support your own travel expenses that aren't subsidised i.e. supported through fundraising
  • Partcipation at paid performances.
  • Age limit of 14+

The full terms and conditions are availalbe when you register.

Whanau are always welcome however, non kaihaka need not register. To support our kaihaka and we encourage you to follow our facebook page HERE  for all announcements, performances, shows and fundraisers.

Booking Enquiries Welcome